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Tyranny On The Rise / By: CAPTAINHOOK / Monday, 17 October 2016

Adolf would be proud. The Boys (and girls) From Brazil (been on this page for some time now) are hard at work these days bringing their idea of a perfect global corporate state to the world, with the latest volley being Obama transferring control of the internet over to an agency run by the United Nations (UN), giving countries like China and Iran command of censorship in the future. If this is allowed to occur, gradually, the face of the internet will change in coming years to reflect the corporatist elites and authoritarian governments that dominate the world, crushing the last bastion of declining free speech remaining – America.

Understandably then, those concerned with rising tyranny in America are attempting to fight back – they are trying to block this move. (i.e. but apparently they failed.) With most politicians’ card carrying members of ‘the party’ these days however, this effort will likely fail. There is a ray of hope if Trump is elected as President however, this lunacy could likely be reversed. (i.e. like Obamacare?) So let’s keep our fingers crossed, because if left unchecked, this move would accelerate the spread of power in the cancerous corporatist state considerably. Just look at what they did to Michael Savage right before the debate for discussing Hillary’s health.


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