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Monthly Archives: October 2016

You Didn’t Build That! / Keith Weiner / October 31, 2016 Collectivism Across Party Lines “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody.” – Elizabeth Warren, campaign speech 2011 “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – Barack Obama, campaign speech 2012 The Left is clear about […]

17 Shot Dead As Chicago Records Deadliest Weekend Of 2016

After a summer of extreme violence, homicides in Chicago were supposed to slow down going into the fall and winter months.  But, that certainly does not appear to be happening as the city just recording its most violent weekend of the entire year with 52 people shot and 17 of them killed.  This weekend’s violence […]

Janet Tavakoli: Life And Death On Wall Street

Submitted by Adam Taggart via, Financial markets and derivatives authority Janet Tavakoli returns to the podcast to discuss a number of the themes contained in her new book Decisions: Life And Death On Wall Street. She paints a particularly informative timeline of the greed and rot that has come to dominate the modern financial […]

Thank You FBI: The Clinton Email Investigation Has Shifted The Poll Numbers Significantly In Trump’s Favor

Donald Trump has all the momentum now.  Will it be enough to propel him to victory on election day?  Trump’s poll numbers were improving even before we learned that the FBI had renewed its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the new survey results that came out over the weekend and on Monday make it […]

Can The American People Defeat The Oligarchy That Rules Them? — Paul Craig Roberts

Can The American People Defeat The Oligarchy That Rules Them? Paul Craig Roberts I am surprised that Hillary and the presstitutes haven’t blamed Putin for FBI director Comey’s reopening of the Hillary email case. But they have done the next best thing for Hillary. They have made Comey the issue, not Hillary. According to US […]

FBI Finds No Links Between Trump And Russia, Probing Manafort Instead

With the FBI accused of pushing the Clinton campaign, which as recently as a week ago was seen as invincible as it stormed toward the November 8 presidential election, over the proverbial cliff, it was perhaps inevitable that in order to preserve the appearance of impartiality the Bureau would proceed with a probe of Trump’s […]

The secret explosive connection between TRUMP and RUSSIA exposed

The last few days have certainly been historic for American politics!  Contrary to what the Mainstream Media, Democrat controlled White House, Senate, and other powerful groups are saying – this election is a unique, unprecedented, history making, game changing, paradigm shifting, superbowl of superbowls.  As we explain in our best selling book Splitting Pennies, and […]

Over Half A Trillion In M&A: October Mergers Smash All Records With $500.1 Billion In Deals

Last week David Rosenberg pointed out that mega Merger Manias like the one we are experiencing “invariably takes place at or near cycle peaks, as companies realize that they can no longer grow their earnings organically. We have just witnessed five multi-billion dollar deals this past week alone — $207 billion globally (AT&T/Time Warner; TD […]

13 Year Old Girl’s Rousing Speech: “If Donald Trump Had A Brick For Every Lie Hillary Has Told He Could Build TWO Walls”

Who can argue with this young lady’s speech? Watch as she totally destroys Hillary Clinton: I bet if Donald Trump had a brick for every lie Hillary has told he could build two walls. … As a thirteen year old even I know Hillary Clinton is working for her own success and ways to control […]

48% Of Russians Fear Syrian Conflict Will Lead To World War III

A recent Russian polls revealed something disturbing: according to almost half of the respondents, the deteriorating relations between Russia and the West caused by the ongoing crisis in Syria could develop into a global military conflict. As RT reports, the share of those who see the probability of World War III in the near future […]