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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Greg Hunter USA Watchdog Interviews PCR on Death Knell of the Main Stream Media

Greg Hunter USA Watchdog Interviews PCR on Death Knell of the Main Stream Media The post Greg Hunter USA Watchdog Interviews PCR on Death Knell of the Main Stream Media appeared first on

SR 1371 – Europe Filled With Populist Breakouts Following Brexit and Trump

To Really Make America Great, Trump Could “Reassert 4th Amendment And Roll Back Surveillance State”

This article was written by Kelli Sladick and originally published at the Tenth Amendment Center. Editor’s Comment: The truth of the matter is that presidents come and go, and while some are better than others, it is better that way. What remains, and shall not be infringed, is our rights as a people. Unfortunately, 9/11 […]

Six Narratives On The Ascendancy Of Trump

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Perhaps the masses have (finally!) reached the point where the pain of maintaining the status quo now exceeds that of breaking it. A remarkably diverse array of "explanations" of Donald Trump's presidential election victory have been aired, representing both the conventional political spectrum and well beyond. Let’s start […]

Latest Anti-Putin Propaganda From The British Press

Latest Anti-Putin Propaganda From The British Press Putin weaponizes giant killer squid that hypnotises its human prey and eats them alive. God help us! What has the Western world degenerated into? Is there no end to the absurdity of the Western media? The post Latest Anti-Putin Propaganda From The British Press appeared first on […]

Carrier Issues Statement On Trump Deal: “Incentives Offered Were An Important Consideration”

In the first major political accomplishment by Donald Trump, yesterday the Trump team announced that he had reached a deal with Carrier to keep its air conditioning plant in Indiana, and prevent an outsourcing of some 1000 jobs to Mexico. Understandably, Trump wasted no time to deliver the good news to his Twitter followers. I […]

UBS Warns “One-Sided” Sentiment Is Pure Contrarian Indicator, Upside Limited

In their latest technical analysis report, UBS' Michael Riesner and Marc Muller warn that, it’s been a long time since we had such a relatively clear and one-sided picture on the sentiment side, which we can just describe as tactical contrarian and too complacent. With the vertical post-election rally, the reflation trade with the relevant […]

A Tale Of Two Job Markets (Or Why The Elites Couldn’t See A Trump Win Coming)

Via The Economic Cycle Research Institute, With the economic expansion in its eighth year, over 15 million jobs added since the post-recession low in employment, and a steady decline in the jobless rate from its recessionary high of 10% to under 5%, many mainstream economists were convinced that the U.S. economy was in good shape. […]

A Second Look At The OPEC Deal: Here’s What Can Go Wrong

Defying numerous skeptics, today’s historic OPEC decision to cut production, a first since 2009, marks a clear turning point in cartel, and especially Saudi Arabian, politics: individual country quotas have been allocated to all members, a third-party production verification process has been established, and the world’s largest crude oil producer Russia has committed to freeze […]

This 2,000-yo Lead Tablet Could Change What We Know About Jesus: “Earliest Document in Existence”

An article of faith? Controversial and startling new evidence is casting light on a part of Jesus’ life that was not previously known, and appears to provide documentary evidence of his work. A lead tablet artifact contains noteworthy references and at least some of the details of his life, and is now the oldest discovered […]