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Voting Machine Problems Are Being Reported All Over America / By Michael Snyder / November 8th, 2016

After what happened in the last election, people seem to be more alert to signs of potential election fraud this time around. And right now the Internet is buzzing with reports of voting machine problems in some of the most important swing states. In some areas officials were forced to make emergency switches to paper ballots due to voting machine issues, and in other cases voters that intended to vote for Donald Trump were having their votes registered for Hillary Clinton instead. The mainstream media is insisting that these are “isolated instances”, and hopefully that turns out to be true because the integrity of our elections is of the utmost importance.

Voting machines are supposed to make voting easier and more efficient, but instead they are once again causing major headaches all over the country. The following summary of technical issues that we have seen so far comes from the New York Daily News

In Utah, voting machine problems in the southern part of the state forced poll workers to use paper ballots, with some residents sent to alternate voting locations.


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