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NYPD Mystery: What’s Up With the Unannounced “Military Planes and Helicopters Circling Manhattan”?


This article was written and originally published by the Daily Sheeple.

Editor’s Comment: While this bizarre series of sightings remains officially unexplained, it seems likely enough that it is Trump related. VIPs of every sort are in and out of Trump Tower, and the defense operatives under national security have been conducting their drills, tests and arrangements as well for the transition to a highly polarizing and politically inexperienced president.

But like the mystery fly over in Denver a few weeks ago, it serves as a double meaning – protection and vigilance by the Armed Forced, but also occupation and dominance by the shadow government. President-elect Trump and everyone ought to recognize who the true powers are in this country.

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Why Did Military Planes and Helicopters Circle Manhattan Without Warning This Afternoon? NYPD Says It Doesn’t Know

by The Daily Sheeple

In a rare sight (rare as in, it never really happens unless something bad is going down), low-flying military aircraft were spotted circling Manhattan this afternoon without advance notice, and NYPD claimed they didn’t know why.

(Ulanoff is the Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable.)

Apparently these craft did a lot of laps:

And no advance notice:

When Deputy News Director at BuzzFeed Tom Namako asked the NYPD about it, they said they didn’t know why military aircraft were circling Manhattan.

After enough startled people raised enough questions, the FAA put out a one-line “non-statement” saying the flights were authorized:

What do you really think was going on? Seems like a strange time for a drill… and no one has admitted it was a drill (which NYPD would surely be notified of), just that the flights were “authorized”.

Apparently everyone including the NYPD is on a “need-to-know” basis with this, and it has been determined that most of us do not need to know.

(H/T: Mediaite)

This article was written and originally published by the Daily Sheeple.