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Gingrich Warns Biggest Risk For Trump Admin Is They “Lose Their Nerve”

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, once considered a front runner for a senior position in the Trump administration, continues to take jabs at the President-elect.  After being forced to apologize a few weeks back for saying that Trump no longer wishes to “Drain The Swamp” in Washington D.C., Gingrich is back with new controversial comments suggesting, yet again, that the Trump administration may ultimately cave to the demands of the far left.  Per ABC News:

Less than three weeks before the presidential inauguration, leading Trump ally Newt Gingrich said his biggest worry about the incoming administration is that they will “lose their nerve.”


“Look, they’re going to arrive in Washington, and for them to be successful they have to stake out positions that [Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile] will not like and the left will hate,” Gingrich, a former speaker of the House, said in a joint interview with Brazile and ABC News Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. “I’m worried that when they realize how big the problem is, that they decide that they’re just going to do the best they can and give in.”


“My deepest concern is that they’re going to arrive, you’re going to have the greens going crazy” over the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior, Gingrich said. “You’re going to have the government employees going crazy about civil service reform. You’re going to have the teachers union going crazy over school choice. And these are pretty nonnegotiable. I mean, if you’re serious about school choice, there is no agreement with the teachers union.”


Meanwhile, disgraced DNC Chair Donna Brazile, graciously admitted that “2016 will go down as the year where the rules were changed” because Donald Trump managed to “break the blue wall.”

“2016 will go down as the year where the rules were changed,” Brazile said of Trump’s winning states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan that usually go Democratic in presidential races.


“[Trump] ran a nontraditional campaign. I give him credit for that,” Brazile said. “That said, you have to give credit to the campaign that had a consistent message 100 percent of the time — ‘make America great’ … a slogan that became the message that became the song. And you got a song, you got a melody.”


“Donald Trump broke the blue wall. He cracked it and then he broke it wide open, and then he siphoned off enough votes from disenchanted Democrats, independents and others that allowed him to win the electoral vote,” Brazile said.

While accurate, we find it even more amazing that Trump was able to “break the blue wall” given all of the conspiring that occurred behind the scenes between political operatives like Donna Brazile and the mainstream media.  It must be incredibly frustrating for Donna that her chosen candidate lost an election even after she sacrificed what little integrity she had to steal debate questions for the Hillary campaign.

Of course, now that Republicans control all 3 branches of government in Washington D.C., Brazile was also suddenly very open to collaboration between parties and suggested that Trump work with Chuck Schumer to “find common ground.”

“He has an enormous opportunity, as every president in the first 100 days does, to show that he is eager to find common ground, to meet with Democrats,” Brazile said.


As an example, she pointed to the incoming Senate minority leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer.


“I mean Chuck Schumer knows Donald Trump — both New Yorkers. Have him over for breakfast, have him over for afternoon tea, and see if you can find common ground.”

We wonder where Brazile and her “collaborative” nature was back in 2010 when Obama told Republicans they had to “sit in the back of the bus?”