Silver as an investment

Asian Metals Market Update: Jan-4-2017 / By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants / 4 January 2017

Last year it was proved that silver prices were heavily manipulated by a combination of very large and too big to fail banks. Banks are used to court cases and pay penalties. Yet they end up with massive profit on manipulation of any financial instrument. Bank rig prices when either trading volumes are low or there is lack of large retail investment or fundamentals are weak. If fundamentals are strong, then banks or any other hedge fund or a combination of banks and hedge funds will never be able to manipulate anything. I prefer to ignore silver manipulation news and trade in technical in silver in the first quarter of this year.

Silver rose sharply yesterday. If silver continues to rise today, then we should see some short term investment flows. Copper and crude oil are looking marginally bearish at the moment.

Yesterday’s trade in gold, silver and industrial metals was post holiday position squaring and rebuilding.


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