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Nomi Prins: Big Banks Already Failing Stress Tests / by Craig Wilson via The Daily Reckoning / 

Nomi Prins joined Jason Burack on the Wall Street For Main Street Podcast to discuss the impact of a strong US Dollar on the global economy and what kind of damage it could cause big banks that are already failing stress tests.  Wall Street For Main Street takes on themes of finance, investing and the economy and offer a natural setting for important, independent discussions from economic insiders offered from Nomi Prins and others.  The conversation delves into what to expect in the political and economic year ahead for 2017.

When asked what type of damage could a strong U.S dollar do to the global economy she noted, “First, the fact that the U.S dollar is as strong given how long the Federal Reserve has completed quantitative easing (QE) policies and bought securities is very troubling in general because it indicates that the rest of the world is far weaker on a relative basis.”

“It also indicates that is it not necessarily a policy that drives dollars stronger. What’s occurring is, outside of the U.S for example, in emerging market countries, they have had funding that has been denominated in dollars over the years.”


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