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SYRIA: Visit to the Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus / Vanessa Beeley / JANUARY 16, 2017

On the 19th of December 2016 I was granted permission to visit the Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus. I was told by the hospital director, that at the turn of the 20th century it had been a civilian hospital. It now treats both military and civilians. The hospital has been the target of numerous US coalition funded extremist attacks, led by Jaish al Islam and Nusra Front terrorists since the dirty war on Syria was ignited in 2011. 

During the conflict, being fomented inside Syria by a collection of US allied, interventionist nations, with Israel as primary beneficiary, the majority of soldiers treated in this hospital have come in from Southern Syria, Homs, Daraa and most recently from Ghouta, especially from the battles for Mayda’ani.

Tishreen had also received soldiers who had been targeted by the US coalition airstrikes in Deir Ezzor on September 17th 2016, when US, UK, Danish and Australian airforces had bombed and strafed SAA soliders defending the beleaguered city against ISIS attacks. The attack went on for an estimated one hour and permitted ISIS to advance and take Syria army positions, which were later retaken. John Kerry issued a statement in January during which he announced, in an offhand way, that the US coalition had “accidentally bombed 70 Syrian troops”.


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