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The Loose Cannon Versus The Wicked Witch / by Andrew Hoffman / Jan 16, 2017

When I published “frankly, I’m terrified” in October, even I could not comprehend the dire ramifications of Donald Trump’s election – which at the time, I predicted would have the political, economic, and monetary impact of a “BrEXit times ten.”  Care of the most rigged markets of all time, this world-changing event hasn’t yet been discounted in equities or Precious Metals; although arguably, it has – and continues to be – by collapsing worldwide currency markets.  Like, for instance, the UK Pound; which upon yesterday’s definitive call by Prime Minister Theresa May for a “hard BrExit,” plunged to essentially the lowest level in UK history.  This, in a nation that already has, care of lunatic money printing by the Bank of England, one of the world’s highest costs of living.

Equally ominously, the political, social, and geopolitical backlash is approaching “worst-case scenario status, before Trump has even been inaugurated.  In other words, if such chaotic international and intra-national infighting is proliferating in the post-election “honeymoon” period, just imagine what will occur next week – when, as discussed in this weekend’s “candidate Trump to President Trump, and all it entails,” he actually does anything.  Although arguably, between his polarizing Cabinet selections and non-stop Twitter attacks and counter-attacks on essentially everyone, he’s done plenty already – in true Trump form, burning as many, or more, bridges as he builds.

Which goes back to what I have said all along, about how in essence, the 2014 election was a battle between the “loose cannon and the wicked witch” – a battle, like McCain versus Obama in 2008, and Bush versus Gore in 2000, would end badly for America no matter who won.  Not that I believe anyone has the ability to save America’s finances, economy, or monetary system, given just how past the point of no return they have passed.  However, in this particular case, one choice was so particularly bad, I actually found myself vehemently supporting someone I have always felt disdain for.  And frankly, irrespective of what happens in the coming years, I don’t just think, but know things would have been worse with Hillary Clinton.


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