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Dollar Plunges, Commodities Soar, Greatness Awaits

Dr. Fly / Dr. Fly / Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:45am EST

The mood in the peanut gallery of iBankcoin, aka the comments section, has taken on a forlorn quality. I suppose the heightened political commentary, coupled with the frantic nature of those who oppose Trump, has led them to this Morton’s Fork.

I give you fuckers a lot of acrimonious banter and certainly know how to trigger you to the point of cracking. But just know, you’re going to be okay.

If the conservatards survived 8 years with a community organizering, pot smoking, non birth certificate having, person of questionable origins in the White House, you libtards will live through, and flourish, the organge pussy grabbing SNL hating wall builder.

Steaks will be cooked to perfection. Large vats of wine will be consumed. Grandiose market schemes will be plotted at Fly’s blog and we’ll all live happily ever after.

Regarding markets.

I realize Britain just signaled they’d opt out of the single market, but the FX markets are calling bullshit on May’s speech. I viewed it as too conciliatory and pragmatic. Then again, I’m probably too fire and brimstone. Nevertheless, the pound is soaring by 2.7%, leading the way in a dollar rout.


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