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Black Lives Matter Activist: ‘White People Give Your Money, Your House, Your Property’ For Social Change

It’s hard to describe the person featured in this leaked periscope video as anything but unhinged. Whether or not she’s representative of the majority of anti-Trump, Black Lives Matter activists isn’t quantifiable at this time. It is, however, ridiculous to see people supporting this brand of hatred, designed to disrupt the very fabric of western civilization.
That being said, whatever happened to dignity and grace? Are those qualities no longer important to the left?
In this clip, a Black Lives Matter activist demanded that white people hand over their homes, money and property to pay reparations to black and indigenous people.
“The White House must die”.

I find it hard to believe any ‘normal’ democrat wants this sordid brand of activism representing their interests. For the republican party, this is like a gift that keeps on giving. The further entrenched the leftist media and activist organizations become, the more Americans become disgusted by them. Say what you want about the popular vote during the elections, the fact remains — republicans have been making strident gains over the past 8 years in every facet of government, both national and local — netting more than 1,000 legislative positions since 2010.
In my estimation, the behavior of the left is the result of decades of social engineering, which taught children that everyone was a winner and to avoid dangerous objects, like see-saws or playing dodgeball. They seem to be unable to deal with adversity; and instead of coping with defeat, like any normal well-adjusted person after an appropriate period of mourning, they become unhinged and resort to primeval animalistic behavior.



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