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Shocking Aerial Footage Shows What the Oroville Dam Looks Like Now

Earlier this month, we all heard the news that the Oroville Dam was damaged, and that thousands of residents living in its shadow would have to be evacuated. Fortunately the dam held, and the residents of Oroville were able to return to their homes. For the most part the story has since faded from the […]

Tax Strike? IRS Has Received 13% Fewer Returns This Year / by Nicholas Colas of Convergex / Feb 28, 2017 3:37 PM The (Tax Refund) Check Is Not In The Mail No one likes paying taxes, but this year Americans are taking things to extremes. Through last Friday, the IRS had received 13.3% fewer returns than the same period last year.  And it seems like we’re […]

Are Stocks Dangerously Too High? 91% of “Sheeple” say No! | McAlvany Commentary 2017

McAlvany Financial, Published on Feb 28, 2017 The post Are Stocks Dangerously Too High? 91% of “Sheeple” say No! | McAlvany Commentary 2017 appeared first on Silver For The People.

GDPNow 1st Quarter Forecast Ticks Up Slightly Despite Growing Trade Imbalance: Expect Trade Howls / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / February 28, 2017 Despite poor but not horrendous economic reports today, the Atlanta Fed GDPNow model forecast for first quarter GDP ticked up slightly today, from 2.4% to 2.5%. READ MORE The post GDPNow 1st Quarter Forecast Ticks Up Slightly Despite Growing Trade Imbalance: Expect Trade Howls appeared first on […]

YouTube Users Now Watch 1 Billion Hours Per Day, Set To Surpass US TV Viewership / by Tyler Durden / Feb 28, 2017 2:45 PM In a dramatic confirmation of the relentless growth of online video, at the expense of the agonizing, slow death of conventional TV, YouTube said that its worldwide viewers are now watching more than 1 billion hours of videos a day, on pace to eclipse total US TV […]

The Satanic Temple Has Experienced A Huge Surge In Membership Following The Election Of Donald Trump / By Michael Snyder on February 28th, 2017 The election of Donald Trump has been the best thing that has ever happened to the Satanic Temple. Founded in 2013, this relatively new organization now boasts chapters all over the country, and over the past couple of months they have experienced a huge surge in membership. […]

“7 Bodies Since Election Day”: Why Are So Many Russian Officials Turning Up Dead? / Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project / February 28th, 2017 Editor’s Comment: Ex-CIA interim head Mike Morrell went on PBS last year to announce that ‘he wanted’ to take out Putin’s guys, those who most closely surround him. He also wanted to get to Assad in Syria, and the officials in Iran – openly indicating that he […]

“It’s T-Day” – Trader Warns “Standby For Disappointment” / by Tyler Durden / Feb 28, 2017 2:30 PM T-day has arrived for markets, says Bloomberg’s (and former FX trader) Mark Cudmore,  warning that Trump’s speech to Congress will probably terminate the last vestiges of market hope for early inflationary action from the new administration. READ MORE The post “It’s T-Day” – Trader Warns “Standby For […]

The Stupidity of Jeff Sessions Could Single-Handedly Bring Down Trump / Michael Krieger / Feb 28, 2017 The corporate media would have you believe that the key to resisting Trump lies in the embrace of heinous individuals and institutions such as themselves, George W. Bush, and the CIA, as well as clownish figures manufactured by neocons such as Evan McMullin (formerly of both Goldman Sachs and the CIA). Ironically […]

THE TRUMP TRADE IS UNDER ATTACK / Dr. Fly / Feb 28, 2017 My portfolio was ripped apart to pieces today — as if rabid dogs had attacked a sack of meat dripping with blood. Boldly, I’ve tied my fate to the so called ‘Trump trade’, a gamble on the prospects of big government spending and a wanton relief of Obama’s absurdities. At […]