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CONSPIRACY vs FACT: How Much Gold Is In The World?? / Steve St. Angelo / APRIL 17, 2017

There still seems to be some doubt in many investors minds on how much gold there is in the world.  I continue to receive emails from individuals who read articles stating that the amount of gold in the world is much greater than the official estimate.  Recently, I have received a spike of emails questioning the amount of gold in the world due to all these supposed “SECRET GOLD STASHES.”

Due to this, I decided to write an article to set the record straight… once and for all.  I actually wrote about this in a previous article early last year.  However, new information as well as additional data should help provide more FACTS vs the LOUSY CONSPIRACIES.

Before I provide this information, I would like to say the following… I mean no ill will or disrespect for analysts that I disagree with.  That being said, I find it quite frustrating when individuals are being misled due to faulty or incorrect information put out by these analysts.  Some analysts even state their “Conspiracy Theories” are not conspiracies, but rather…. FACTS.  This is even more erroneous than providing a fault conspiracy.


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