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The Burning Platform's Jim Quinn is enraged…

And half the country wants government to run our healthcare.


Government is useless, incompetent, inefficient, corrupt, uncaring, and evil.


Other than that, they’re just great.

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WWII Veteran From Philadelphia Denied Hearing Aids, How You Can Help

(Photo of Alexander Horanzy provided by his granddaughter, Joyce Fiore)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)He risked his life to protect our country during World War II, and now, you can help make the everyday life a veteran living in Holmesburg a little easier.

A GoFundMe page was set up for Alexander Horanzy — the last remaining Pearl Harbor survivor in Philadelphia — with hopes of improving his hearing, something his granddaughter, Joyce Fiore, tells KYW Newsradio has been on the decline.

“He can’t talk on the phone much and the TV,” she said. “It’s very hard for him.”

She says they thought the Department of Veterans Affairs was going to give him hearing aids…

“So I drove him up there and they wouldn’t give them to him. They said his medical records were lost in a fire. They had them right there, so he was denied,” said Fiore.

Horanzy says he wasn’t happy about this.

“I was so darn mad I couldn’t even talk,” he said. “My granddaughter was there with me, so we just walked out.”

So The Greatest Generations Foundation set up the donation page to get Horanzy those hearing aids.

“I’m excited, I think I’m more excited than him I told him, because he’s a hero,” says Fiore.

She says they’ve been trying to get her grandfather hearing aids for two years.

Horanzy turns 95-years-old this month.