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Facebook F8 Conference Is Not The F8 ‘Safe Mode’ We Know / 21WIRE + Liat Clark via Wired / APRIL 20, 2017

21st Century Wire says…

Before reading the featured article, we strongly recommend you have a look at an excellent presentation by Randy Johnson of 21st Century Wire entitled Mass Integration: The Race To Capitalise On A Virtual Future

As well as a contributor, Randy is a regular guest on the Boiler Room at Alternate Current Radio and has featured on the Sunday Wire show alongside Patrick Henningsen.

More on this report from Wired…

Facebook’s F8 developer conference in San Jose, California, is where the firm reveals to the world what is is working on in both the short and long term. This year’s event has been no different.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a series of new features covering augmented reality, AI bots, and more far-fetched plans to close the gap between humans and machines. In particular, he wants Facebook users to be able to “type with their brains and hear with their skin.”

Possibly the most significant, immediate announcement from Zuckerberg was the launch of a new closed beta platform for AR features to compete with Snapchat, alongside Messenger features designed to encourage users to make the most of bots built by third parties.

Here are the highlights from Facebook’s F8 conference:


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