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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Case Study In Depression And Denial / by Jeffrey P. Snider • April 28, 2017 Back on March 10, the New York Fed’s attempt at real-time GDP forecasting predicted that the Q1 2017 estimate would be 3.2%. That would have qualified as another decent quarter, the second out of the past three and somewhat in keeping with “reflation.” As we know today, […]

Congress Reaches Deal To Keep Government Open Through September

One of the biggest political overhangs facing the market may have just been removed, when moments ago AP and other newswires reported that House Democrats and Republicans are said to have reached a $1 trillion spending deal to keep the government – which is currently operating thanks to a last minute one-week stopgap measure enacted […]

The Real WMD In Syria – The West’s Weapon Of Mass Disorientation

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, A senior Rand analyst, inadvertently, gave the game away in a recent article inculpating Syrian President Bashar al Assad over the alleged toxic massacre of civilians on April 4. The Rand Corporation, a longtime conduit for CIA propaganda, wrote: «The use of chemical weapons today provokes international […]

Contagion Fears Rise In Aftermath Of Home Capital Group Collapse

With the bank run at Home Capital Group hitting a crescendo on Friday, when in one day 36% of the liquidity at Canada’s largest non-bank lender escaped through the front door, and only an emergency rescue loan yielding over 20% has prevent a liquidation at HCG so far, suddenly some are wondering if the dreaded […]

HaPPY MaY DaY 2017…

Philly Beverage Tax Blowback: Coca Cola Sales Plunge 32%

Just a month after PepsiCo said it would lay off 80-100 people due to the 'unintended consequences' of Philadelphia's new soda-tax, Philly Coke, the local Coca-Cola bottler, has cut 40 jobs amid a 32% plunge in sales. Since all of this is taking place as previewed in a recent post: "The 'Soda Police' Just Learned […]

Welcome To The Corporatocracy / by Tyler Durden / Apr 30, 2017 8:32 PM Forget Trump, forget China, forget oil, forget central banks unwinding their balance sheets, forget Reuters trial balloons: there is a far simpler reason why the ‘reflation trade’ is about to hit a major pothole. Back in October, when the “credible” media gave Trump about 5% odds of […]

Emerging Markets: Week Ahead Preview / Dr. Win Thin / April 30, 2017 EM FX ended last week on a mixed note.  Indeed, the week and the month were also very much mixed for EM, reflecting a variety of global and country-specific drivers impacting these countries.  This week’s US jobs data could bring Fed tightening back as a major driver for […]

Greyerz – This Will Come As A Massive Shock To People / April 30, 2017 As we get ready to kickoff what promises to be a wild week of trading, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, spoke with King World News about what is going to come as a massive shock to people. “This Is The New Normal!” […]

What’s The Oldest Business In Your State? / by Tyler Durden / Apr 30, 2017 7:30 PM Is the oldest business in your state a mom-and-pop shop, or a famous megabrand? Today’s infographic from Busy Beaver Button Co. maps the diverse range of companies that claim to be the oldest in their respective states. While many of them exist today as modest family-owned businesses such as […]