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Endgame On? / By Andy Sutton / Graham Mehl / Sunday, 14 May 2017

My Two Cents

By Andy Sutton / Graham Mehl

For many years now, thousands of bloggers, writers, and such have chronicled the debacle that is the US Economy. It is a joke. That fact has been well-established. We can liken it to a cancer. Not every section is influenced in the same manner or degree of severity, but all areas are affected somehow. This publication has struggled to stay firmly on the economic side of the fence and not delve into politics – especially the personal type of politics where Mr. X is the bad guy, but Mr. Y is the good guy. We have, however, entered the arena of geopolitics or the politics of nation vs. nation on many occasions because this is where the arena of battle happens to be.

Maybe at some point, someone will come up with enough math to tell us at what specific point the US Economy, led by its corrupt and thoroughly disingenuous monetary system, will finally roll over. We have avoided trying to ‘time’ this event since there are so many exigent factors involved that we feel there is so low a likelihood of getting it right that making predictions would be a disservice. Others haven’t felt that way and that is their prerogative, but unfortunately, the result is a group of people who were at one time fully engaged and have now become utterly desensitized to the point many have given up and returned to blissful ignorance. We had a former reader tell us not long ago that he just couldn’t live at DEFCON 1 all the time. He thanked us, along with several others, for not being part of the problem. As it turned out, our decision appeared to have been a wise one.

So, as we close out the first portion of this article and prepare to shift gears, we challenge every blogger – you don’t know when anything is going to take place. Most of you don’t have the ‘sources’ you claim – a few of you have admitted that to us with braggadocio. So, shut up about it. Write about something else. If you can’t sell your newsletters, trading services, and the like without scaring people with statements such as ‘When the markets crash this fall’ and similar idioms, then go get a real job.  You’re no better than any government who would use fear to control its citizens. You’ve become that which you once claimed to despise. End of rant; on to the topic of the day.


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