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The Final Straw: President Trump Had Two Scoops of Iced Cream, While Everyone Else Had One

Correspondents from Time Magazine recently dined at the White House in the famed ‘blue room’ and were treated like savage animals. All went well with the enemies of America until dessert was prepared and served. As unbelievable as it might seem, the President made sure he was served not one, but TWO, scoops of iced cream, while everyone else got just 1.

These revelations have led to new outrage on the left, with the people demanding swift resignation from the President.

Others on the right point out that President Obama was once seen with two scoops inside of a waffled cone.

Personally, I think the President was being generous, as I’d ensure the bastards from Time would’ve received nothing at all.

CNN provides coverage on this important topic.

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