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SEO returns are high when you use long form content / By Charlie Brown / May 16, 2017

Content marketing is relatively new in the SEO domain, but within a very short span, it has made enormous strides and evolved a lot. The evolution is particularly visible in the type of content that search engines like. Looking back, you will discover that when we talk about content, we refer to content between 350 words and 600 words. This used to be the norm until not very long ago. Known as short form content, this was the only type of content that we were familiar with even a year ago. The assumption was that to convey information effectively to the audience that has a very short attention span, small content was appropriate, as it does not take much time to consume.

However, looking at the way search engines accept content you will find that the assumption does not work well. Search engines do not have much liking for short content. The rapid rise in the demand for long-form content bears testimony to it. Google results show that long form content ranks better than short form content and marketers are keen to go after it. The demand for short-form content from marketers is on the decline and whatever little remains; it is from the audience only.


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