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Balance Sheet Normalization, Or Not / C.Jay Engel / May 17, 2017

Politicians, bureaucrats, and media talking heads specialize in saying one thing but meaning something else. In Fed world, something referred to as “balance sheet normalization” would be thought to be a return of balance sheet levels to pre-crisis numbers (roughly $850 billion). But common sense does not prevail. Instead, as it turns, normalization doesn’t mean a return to normal. CNBC:

Interviews with Fed officials, and public statements they’ve made suggest the Fed’s new normalized balance sheet could end up being three times as large as it was before the financial crisis. And it could be bigger than that.

Of course, this was the almost inevitable, given the Fed’s irrational fear of monetary deflation and their unwillingness to do anything that might make Wall Street think the punch bowl of easy money was being whisked away. Not to mention the political motivations of remitting profits back to the Treasury and artificially suppressing the US Government’s cost of borrowing.


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