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At least 200 Iraqi civilians were killed in an air raid on Mosul’s Old City Tuesday, despite the U.S.-led coalition’s attempt to reign in civilian casualties in the final phase of operations to retake the city.

Scores of houses in the az-Zanjili district were destroyed in the raid, which lasted several hours, according to an Iraqi army officer. He said he was not sure whether the planes were American or Iraqi.

“It was not clear whether the aircrafts that carried out the airstrikes belonged to the Iraqi forces or the US-led coalition,” the officer told The New Arab.

In mid-March, the coalition put a pause on operations in Mosul after an American strike killed an estimated 278 people in a residential area of the al-Jadidah district. The Pentagon’s version of events has ISIS militants forcing the civilians into a building, where they are alleged to have also planted explosives in an attempt to force the coalition to kill non-combatants, however at least seven eye witnesses have come forward to dispute that narrative.


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