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Bilderberg Waging a ‘War on Information’

Peter Thiel, venture capitalist. “There is no plan.” (Photo: Dan Taylor. Source: Wikicommons) / BY FEATURED NEWS / JUNE 4, 2017

As elites from the financial, corporate, media and government spheres meet in private at the Bilderberg Group meeting this weekend, take a moment to remember the group’s history. To an outside observer, the most notable feature of the group is the collective power held by its members. The second most obvious thing would be the group’s secrecy, and maybe its decades of deceiving the public about its very existence.

It would seem the Bilderberg group was born with a smokescreen in its mouth; deception is in its very DNA.

Today, the cat is out of the bag and the group has been forced to concede its existence, but not much more. The agenda items they announce are so laughably broad and vague it renders them almost meaningless.

But this year they are discussing the ‘War on Information’. Given their history of deception, it is clear what side of that war they are on.


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