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The Comey Conundrum / by Karl Denninger / 2017-06-09 10:25

So here’s the prepared testimony

I’ve read it several times.

There are people saying it’s a rorschach test — whatever you want to see you will find.

I disagree.

What I see there is very much what a private CEO might say to someone “investigating” — and there’s utterly nothing wrong with it in that context, because there is no “or else.”  And that’s the key, when you get down to it — there has to be an “or else” for it to be actionable, either politically or otherwise.

Does any of this rise to that level?  IMHO, nope.  It borders on it, but threading that needle is not only perfectly ok it’s part and parcel of being a chief executive of any organization.  Those who disagree with that have never run anything in their life.

At the end of the day that’s what I see here — a bunch of people who have never run anything.  They believe nobody has to walk up to the bright lines, but not cross them.  They believe nobody has to make the tough calls.  They believe nobody should expect honest loyalty from anyone.

What’s the difference between “honest loyalty” and not?

The difference is that “not” is malicious prosecution based on invented narratives or otherwise corrupt acts.

Comey, like it or not, was Trump’s subordinate.  As his boss Trump had every right to expect and, when he questioned whether he was receiving it, directly ask for exactly what he did ask for — honest loyalty.


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