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All Of This Is Being Recorded: “Where We Shop, Where We Work, When We Commute… A Camera Always Filming” / Jeremiah Johnson / June 9th, 2017

Most people have been aware of Edward Snowden’s case that made world headlines when he made public the actions taken by the U.S. government and the alphabet agencies to spy on the average American citizen.  The camp is divided, with many labeling Snowden as a traitor while others call him a hero for releasing the information.  The division sees those against him as “procedural” adherents who believe in keeping to the contract regardless of the harm the corporation is doing.  Those who are behind his efforts see that he compromised his entire life with great risk to himself to expose something that is unconstitutional and therefore illegal, regardless of how our government masques it under the “color of law.”

Since then we have had the Wikileaks avalanche of released information.  Julian Assange is wanted by the U.S. government for the same reason that Snowden is wanted: for exposing information damning to an authoritarian regime/empire.  Now we are seeing a continuance of those releases, as an independent contractor by the name of Montgomery has informed all parties involved of a trove of information that may prove larger than Snowden’s.

It runs deep: the intrusion has been fostered even longer than the last eight years under Obama.  Conservative Tribune released an article on this week entitled Supreme Court Set to Rule on Massive Cell Phone Privacy Case, and here is an excerpt of that article:

“On Monday [6/5/17], the Supreme Court announced it will be taking up a case on the issue of cell phone location data, Politico reported.  At stake is whether or not police and other law enforcement agencies will be required to obtain a warrant showing probable cause before they retrieve cell phone location data off a person’s phone from a phone company.


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