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Judge Napolitano Thinks It’s a Bad Idea for AG Sessions to Appear Before the Senate


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The problem with AG Sessions is that he’s an honorable man. Tomorrow he will enter into the lion’s den of perfidious scoundrels, perverts and degenerates alike, who will attempt to both beguile and dishonor him in front of the country. Bear in mind, this is self-inflicted wound by Sessions, who could’ve just told the Senate to ‘fuck off.’ Instead, he agreed to this clown-show, giving the democrats a false sense of importance — permitting them to ask absurd questions all intended to remove him from his place in office.

The question remains, what the fuck is wrong with Sessions and why would he do this to himself?

Judge Nap agrees and outlines the reasons why it’s a bad idea for Sessions to testify in front of a room of shills.