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Will Georgia’s 6th District Mark Ground Zero Of The “Resistance”? / by Tyler Durden / Jun 19, 2017 12:13 PM

Democrats have portrayed the runoff for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, which will take place tomorrow, as a referendum on Trump’s first months in office.  The runoff pits Democrat Jon Ossoff against Republican Karen Handel in a race that has drawn national attention and historic levels of spending with Ossoff raising an astounding $23 million.

According to the Real Clear Politics average, Ossoff holds 2.6 point advantage in recent polls. That said, just like last November, we would be shocked if there weren’t some “oversamples” in that polling data which means tomorrow night could be a very long evening for Ossoff and Handel.

And, just like the the national election, the outcome of tomorrow’s contest will ultimately come down to voter turnout.  As The Hill points out, Ossoff will need black voters to turn out in much greater numbers than they did for Hillary.  As for Handel, strategists say that female turnout will be the key to her ultimate performance.


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