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The Medical System Is A Racket / by Karl Denninger / 2017-06-29

I’ve long raised hell about the Libertarian Party’s refusal to insist on two things:

1. Wage and environmental parity tariffs.  These are anti-exploitation tariffs.  They are one of my proposals to prevent people from dumping toxic waste in the air, water and ground as a means of making production in one place cheaper than the other and thus moving their manufacturing to that location, along with making the exploitation of workers through non-voluntary measures that amount to extortionate work arrangements unprofitable.

2. True medical system reform that stops medical extortion in this country.  I left the party formally during the 2012 election cycle over this issue.

Well, it’s come up again.  The most-virulent attacks against my one sentence bill to stop medical extortion have come from….. Libertarians.

Let’s note for the record the alleged non-aggression principle that Libertarians claim to profess: One shall not initiate aggression via force or fraud.

That leaves as perfectly-legitimate the exercise of self-defense.


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