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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike

Wuilly Arteaga plays his violin during an anti-government march in Venezuela. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano) Venezuela’s socialist government opposition called for a two-day national strike against President Nicolas Maduro after another day of violent clashes on Saturday where the injured included a violinist famous for his musical protests. Wuilly Arteaga,  the 23-year-old has become famous for […]

Record Apartment Building-Boom Meets Reality: First CRE Decline Since The Great Recession

By Wolf Richter of WolfStreet Even the Fed put commercial real estate on its financial-stability worry list. No, the crane counters were not wrong. In 2017, the ongoing apartment building-boom in the US will set a new record: 346,000 new rental apartments in buildings with 50+ units are expected to hit the market. How superlative […]

Did The Dutch Central Bank Lie About Its Gold Bar List? / by Koos Jansen / 23 Jul 2017 Head of the Financial Markets Division of the Dutch central bank, Aerdt Houben, stated in an interview for newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad published in October 2016 that releasing a bar list of the Dutch official gold reserves “would cost hundreds of thousands of euros”. In this post we’ll expose this is virtually impossible […]

Military Just Warned Americans To Exptect WAR With North Korea

Although most Americans are aware of the ever increasing tensions between North Korea and the United States, the military is no longer pulling any punches.  Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, suggested Saturday that Americans must be “prepared for the possibility of a military confrontation with North Korea.” The […]

The Bottom Line On The Coulter Seat Deal / by Karl Denninger / 2017-07-23 Ann Coulter may be one of the most-hated women in America (by half the country, anyway) but that doesn’t change what happened with her and Delta. She paid for an assigned and premium seat.  She was assigned that seat.  The airline then moved her to give that seat to someone else. Folks, […]

Gold Hedges Against Currency Devaluation and Cost Of Fuel, Food, Beer and Housing

Gold Hedges Against Currency Devaluation and Cost Of Fuel, Food, Beer and Housing  – Gold hedge against currency devaluation – cost of fuel, food, housing– True inflation figures reflect impact on household spending– Household items climbed by average 964%– Pint of beer sees biggest increase in basket of goods – rise of 2464%– Bread rises 836%, […]

White House Closing Down War Crimes Office (After Being Accused Of War Crimes) / by Darius Shatahmasebi via / Jul 22, 2017 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is reportedly closing a decades-old office in the State Department that has helped pursue justice for victims of war crimes. *** The “Office of Global Criminal Justice” advises the secretary of state on issues surrounding war crimes and genocide. It was established by Bill […]

Metals Moving But Not Leading / By Warren Bevan / Sunday, 23 July 2017 The metals continue to rise and are accelerating now past resistance levels nicely. That said, I remain much more focused on leading stocks who are breaking out, not those coming out of corrections as the miners are. Nearly everything, including the metals, are working well so enjoy it […]

13-Year-Old Kid Buys $552,000 Home / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / July 23, 2017 Meet Akira Ellis a 13-year-old kid. He just bought his first piece of real estate, a $552,000 four-room one bath house in Melbourne’s Frankston. *** Akira Ellis snapped up the 575 square metre four-bedroom, one-bathroom home in Frankston in May – when he was still 12 – and recently […]

David Rosenberg: “This Is The Single Most Important Thing For The Market Over The Next Decade” / by Tyler Durden / Jul 22, 2017 Several years ago, Gluskin Sheff’s superstar economist (previously at Merrill), David Rosenberg (in)famously flipped from bear to bull, predicting what amounts to a victory for the Fed: a jump in (wage) inflation, a burst in economic growth, and an overall selloff in that most deflation-dependent asset, the US […]