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Angry Observer Asks “How Is Elon Musk Still Tesla’s CEO?” / Originally published on / Jul 2, 2017 1:00 PM

Under Elon Musk’s leadership Tesla’s Model X arrived two years late and subjected the company to six months of self described production hell, only to tie for last place in Consumer Reports’ luxury SUV ratings with a score of 59/100 (Nov 2016). Delays for the falcon winged albatross will allow the Chevy Bolt and second-generation Nissan Leaf to both beat the Model 3 to widespread availability by the end of the year. Tesla’s quality has been poor, the UAW is circling, and Mr. Musk recently tweeted about mixing alcohol and Ambien (zolpidem) — a drug combination not only dangerous in its own right, but that increases the risk of long-term zolpidem addiction. How is this man still Tesla’s CEO?

Yesterday’s Credit, Meet Today’s Criticism

Tesla would not be where it is today without Mr. Musk, who, after agreeing to lead the Series A venture funding round in April 2004, began shaping the company around his singular vision, turning it into one of the world’s most valuable automakers.

What’s more, Tesla’s stock would be nowhere near today’s levels if Mr. Musk had stepped aside as CEO in favor of an industry executive during the development of the Roadster, Model S, or Model X.


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