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Current Economic Collapse News Brief – Episode 1323

X22Report, Published on Jul 4, 2017
We are now seeing the same game played in other parts of the world, to keep the economy operational the bankers are pushing debt to the max. UK home prices are getting ready to drop dramatically, the world’s real estate is in a bubble. Citi says their surprise index is reporting trouble ahead, BofA says the bull market is over. We are headed towards a turning point and when the economy crashes it is going to be difficult for many. North Korea fired another missile but this time they are saying it is different this time. Trump wants China and other nations to open a dialogue with North Korea to diffuse the situation. The corporate media is pushing the idea that the US needs to attack, but NK is testing a missile they did not attack anyone. Now we are starting to see the big picture of why NK is so important to the deep state. The chemical weapons show continues with another fake report and a fake attack in Damascus.

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