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It’s Not Just Mexico – Mapping Border Disputes Worldwide

If territorial boundaries are not given by nature, they are usually drawn by humans and have most often evolved over decades of fighting and conflict.

As Statista’s Isabel von Kessel notes, since humans existed on earth, the soil they inhabited has been of huge importance to them and as long as boundaries exist, people have found themselves in dispute over them. Hence, territorial and even maritime boundaries are not necessarily static, they have shifted back and forth to all cardinal directions and likewise, existing countries have been wiped out from the map while new ones have been created.

When it comes to conflict on territory, most countries on the globe are currently involved in territorial disputes and surprisingly few are not. Therefore, this infographic gives an idea of the status quo on a world that still experiences a lot of disputes about territory…

Infographic: Border Disputes Worldwide | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

While new conflicts have emerged though, some others have also been settled in recent years, such as the border disputes between Burkina Faso and Niger in 2013, India and Bangladesh in 2015 or Chile and Peru in 2014, to name just a few.