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Sarin Unaccounted For At U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Ground   /  by Tyler Durden / Jul 10, 2017

A new internal US Army investigation found that the most deadly chemical and biological agents known to man were improperly handled and tracked at the Army’s Dugway Proving GroundDugway was the focus of international headlines in a 2015 investigation which found that “egregious safety failures” over the period of a decade resulted in the shipping of live anthrax spores to 194 laboratories located in 50 states and nine foreign countries via commercial shipping companies like FedEx. At the time of the 2015 scandal, over two dozen personnel at Dugway were treated for potential anthrax exposure, and an Army review board disciplined ten civilian and military overseers, which included “career-killing” reprimands of the base commander, Brig. Gen. William King.

As reported by the Army Times, the latest investigation conducted by the DoD Inspector General (IG), specifically identified failed protocols and oversight while tracking inventories of sarin nerve agent. Sarin is deadly in extremely small amounts and even at low concentrations. Dugway also handles and tests other well-known nerve agents like VX. The Pentagon has described facilities like Dugway as ground zero for the “high-risk, zero-defects world of biological select agents program.”


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