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Speaking Of Overthrowing Governments And Getting Away With It…

From Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

No one should be surprised that neocons are unhappy with a ceasefire in Syria.

America working with Russia is a cardinal sin according to the neocon bible. Senator John McCain is very unhappy that Putin is “getting away” with this:

CBS reports:

“If you were Vladimir Putin, who I’ve gotten to know over the years, you’re sitting there and you got away with literally trying to change the outcome not just of our election. French election. Tried to overthrow the government of Montenegro, a beautiful little country,” McCain said.


“And there has been no penalty whatsoever,”

Speaking of getting away with things, and overthrowing governments, we know for sure that the U.S. overthrew the government of Iraq.

Was John McCain trying to stand in the way of what would become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) disgrace in American history?

?Or was John McCain saying stuff like this:

That’s just Iraq.

We can move around the world, from one U.S. military debacle to another, and reflect on all of McCain’s war-hungry prognostications.

The “penalty” for McCain?

He’s still Senator from Arizona 14 years later, and is regularly sought out by the American mainstream media for his opinions.