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Let’s review the “roaring Twenties.”

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by Chris

For 10 years [during the Roaring Twenties], between the destruction of World War I and the misery of the Great Depression, people in North America were actually happy.

With money in their pockets and a renewed sense of optimism after the end of the Great War, Americans and Canadians developed an insatiable appetite as consumers and a newfound appreciation for leisure during the 1920s.

Innovative, mass-produced goods became available for the first time, making some industrialists fabulously wealthy, and the automobile was all the rage. Zipping around town in their new Ford Model Ts, Americans saw their first movies, flocked to live sporting events and swung their fringed dresses — part of a fashion movement characterized by wild costumes — dancing in liquor clubs.


The Roaring Twenties were marked by people spending like crazy, partying, buying mansions and yachts, and (most importantly) racking up the 1920’s version of the credit card.

The narrative of the day included all the exciting new technologies (radio, telephone, automobiles, etc) that supported the idea that this new prosperity was real and durable.


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