Silver as an investment

Gold Is On The Move / By Warren Bevan / Sunday, 30 July 2017

I was looking for some excellent earnings numbers this past week and in the week to come but they’ve been lacklustre.

My thinking was last week and the week to come would be great, and perhaps compel stocks higher for a week or two after and then we’d be in for a nice period of consolidation until about November when we’d see strength return out of bases and we’d be in for a nice winter.

The market has other plans and we are seeing mixed results and choppy stock action which tells me we may be ready for a couple or few months of consolidation starting pretty much now.

Time will tell, but the action has moved to sloppy so I’m toning down my complacency!

The metals continue to act great and are moving higher, leading me into that sector on a small basis, but I may be into miners more as the days progress.


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