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Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill “With Reservations” / by Tyler Durden / Aug 2, 2017 10:29 AM

After several days of delays, which prompted speculation among politicians and the media why the White House is dragging its feet on the issue and was the topic of several questions during Rex Tillerson’s Tuesday media press conference, moments ago the Donald Trump officially signed into law new Russian sanctions that prevent the president from acting unilaterally to remove certain sanctions on Russia and adds sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea.

There were conflicting signals from the administration in recent days about the sanctions, with Rex Tillerson telling reporters on Tuesday that he and Trump did not believe they would “be helpful to our efforts” on diplomacy with Russia. Mike Pence said that the bill showed Trump and Congress were speaking “with a unified voice.”

However, as Bloomberg also adds, the administration said it will carry out the law but “with reservations” about its impact and the constitutionality of some provisions.

 The so-called signing statement, obtained by Bloomberg, lays out Trump’s concerns about the legislation, including that it encroaches on presidential authority and may hurt U.S. ability to work with allies.
 Some more details on Trump’s reservations:
Trump’s statement doesn’t signal any intent to bypass or circumvent aspects of the law. Instead, the president indicates he intends for his administration to carry out the law in a way consistent with his constitutional authority, language that leaves open some room for interpretation of how the law is executed.


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