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Are Investors Running Out Of Cash?

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by Dana Lyons

One survey finds the lowest investor cash position since the stock market top in 2000.

We used to post a lot of these scary secular charts pertaining to long-term market related concerns. These charts pointed to conditions that, sooner or later, are bound to come home to roost. We were especially active peddlers in 2015 and back in 2012 when it appeared to us as if conditions were ripe for a potential cyclical stock market top, ala, 2000 or 2007. Of course, while the market did experience some turbulence during those times, a cyclical top obviously did not transpire.

With longer-term damage averted, market conditions improved following and in between those periods, opening the way for some of the sharp rallies we’ve experienced in recent years. And with those improved conditions, the immediate relevance of some of the longer-term concerns that we’ve long been monitoring greatly subsided. I don’t care how ominous stock valuations, for example, may be if the market is firing on all cylinders as it has been for much of the past 15 months.

Accordingly, our interest in posting such gloomy long-term charts also subsided during those periods. We are, after all, not interested in gratuitous fear-mongering – we are interested in helping investors make, or save, money.


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