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A former chief investigator at Guantanamo Bay is accusing the Defense Department of withholding the publication of his book, which covers the use of “enhanced interrogation” techniques at the facility, as well as the advocacy of what the author deems torture from top U.S. officials, Reuters reports.

The book, entitled “Unjustifiable Means,” according to its author Mark Fallon, contains no classified information, but instead details the internal decision-making process regarding the use of “enhanced interrogation” and identifies officials who advocated such techniques.

“This is more of an inside view of the fight to try to stop torture,” Fallon told Reuters. “There was a tremendous opposition within the government itself believing these were war crimes, and I name names.”

Fallon was told it wouldn’t take longer than six weeks for the Pentagon to review the book, with the purpose of removing any unauthorized information—that was seven months ago. In the meantime, Fallon was forced to cancel a book tour and missed his publisher’s submission deadline.


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