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Cleaning Up the White House

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by Mark Angelides

There seems to be a staffing crisis taking place in the White House at present. Every week or so we hear of another appointment or firing, and the media begins its spin machine going again, keeping the 24 hour news cycle fed. What is even more amazing than the staff turnover is the fact that things still seem to be getting done.

This begs the question…How much of the “movement and activity” we see in government is really necessary? And, this leads to the question of whether or not we could just do away with large swathes of bureaucratic layers. When Elizabeth “Betsy” Southerland stepped down after 30 years at the EPA, she cited opposition to the direction the agency was taking. She made a special point of decrying the “one in, two out” policy on introducing new regulations. She explained that by this method, the best thing government could actually do was to “stop”. And she might be right but for different reasons.

The amount of wastage and pointless activity that takes place whenever a new “pet project” gets started is detrimental not only to the finances of the nation, but to procedures that are already (if imperfectly) working.


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