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What Do You Do When The Blood Is At Your Own Front Door?

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by Pamela Williams

You may think this is a strange title for a report, but actually it is meant to be a literal question.  Soon, even if you live in a gated community, or even on your own farm out in the middle of nowhere…you will come to understand what the title means.  Time has speeded up, and dark and opposing forces are trying to “take out” the only President, who has ever had and trusted his own God-given intuition.

President Trump understands that the United States of America and WE THE PEOPLE have been set up by a President, who was planted here to allow the takeover of this Country by the Muslim world and actually those Countries and governments, who had desired to topple America for a very long time.  Other countries seek to become super powers, and they have long awaited for someone like Barack Obama to take over.  When he did he opened the floodgates to all opposing forces of America.


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