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Suzie Dawson On First Of Its Kind Anti-Spying Bill / /

Disobedient Media spoke this evening with Suzie Dawson of the New Zealand Internet Party , regarding the upcoming live drafting event of the Anti Spy Bill.
Dawson was forced to leave New Zealand due to government sanctioned harassment she received in response to her activism, and now resides in Moscow.

The Anti Spy Bill will be drafted live and interactively at 8pm to 11pm New Zealand time, which will be 3am CST in the US. It is the first event of its kind, and panelists will include Kim Dotcom and award-winning journalist Barret Brown, as well as Lee Camp, Lauri Love and others. The event comes in the wake of revelations that the NSA illegally surveilled Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom for years. Kim Dotcom was instrumental in the creation of the Internet Party, but resigned from his leadership role due to his ongoing legal case against the New Zealand government.


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