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Rosenstein: “We’re After The Leakers, Not Journalists” / by Tyler Durden / Aug 6, 2017

Two days after AG Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats announced a crackdown on Trump administration leakers that could involve subpoenas to journalists, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein took to the Sunday talk shows to emphasize that the DOJ isn’t targeting journalists after all. Despite Sessions’ emphasis that the DOJ respects the privileges of the press – but that those privileges don’t extend to publishing classified information that puts lives at risk – members of the media understandably expressed outrage at the notion that they be compelled to reveal their sources: after all that’s precisely what the previous administration demanded in its repeated crackdown on the “free press”… at least when it reported on things that Obama did not enjoy seeing in the media.


In an interview on Fox News, Rosenstein said there’s been no change in policy with regard to journalists and their reporting on the Trump administration.

“I think that’s an overreaction the attorney general has been very clear,” Rosenstein said. “We’re after the leakers. We’re not after journalists we’re after people who are committing crimes.”


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