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WEC November 3-4, 2017 – The Monetary Crisis Cycle / by Martin Armstrong / Aug 6, 2017

This year’s WEC (World Economic Conference) is time to address perhaps the beginning of the most important event perhaps in our lifetime that stands on the event horizon to begin in 2018. We have nearly reached our second target on the Dow Jones Industrial Index – 23,000. They laughed at our forecast back in 2011 that the Dow would make new highs.  As many people have noticed, if the mainstream media believed our forecast would be true, then they would have naturally did a follow up asking why we were right. Since 99% of the world was bearish, they thought our forecast was a joke and impossible.

Nevertheless, that is a very GOOD thing. I grant very few interviews because clients generally do not want to see our forecasts all over the front pages of mainstream media. That will never happen because they have their stable of people they promote and they are looking for people who like to call themselves a guru or prophet. If you have to call yourself that, it proves you are just selling hype to the next sucker. So no worries. The major mainstream media will NEVER report what we do. It goes against the grain.


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