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How Tax Reform Slays the Bull Market / PATRICK O’HARE via / 08/07/2017

Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone? It can be uncomfortable. Recently, I was taken outside my comfort zone as my fear of open heights and the presence of many roller coasters at a local amusement park collided. That experience got me thinking about this week’s column idea, which is going to take you outside the comfort zone of conventional thinking.

Specifically, you’ll be taxed with the unconventional thought that a tax reform plan just may be the thing that slays this bull market.

A 9-Month Gestation Period

For the last nine months, tax reform has been at the tip of every market pundit’s tongue as the one thing the stock market is pining for since it would help the economy break free from its low-growth stupor.

The impetus for the breakout would be lower tax rates for businesses, lower tax rates for individuals, and an incentive for businesses to repatriate cash held overseas. Other measures would help, too, yet that triumvirate is at the core of why economists and market pundits think economic growth and corporate earnings growth would accelerate to a new level.

It is a logical assumption.


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