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Is Wikileaks Telling us Robert Mueller is Black Ops?

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by Mark Angelides

A bit of news has come out of Wikileaks that seems to suggest that Robert Mueller had a career in the FBI that doesn’t quite fit what we could consider a “regular role.” Three incidents during his career as FBI Director come across as highly suspect; and it makes one wonder if his real role is something quite different. And if this is the case, it does not, in any way, bode well for President Trump.

Mueller in his role as Special Counsel is investigating Donald Trump for pretty much anything he can find. His brief is wide ranging and is looking at business dealings from a decade ago, almost everyone of consequence that Trump has been in touch with, and a whole host of foreign nationals. But my point here, is that if Mueller has a history of running set-ups and frame-jobs, could this be the reason he was chosen as Special Counsel?

This next excerpt comes from an interview with Icelandic politician, Ögmundur Jónasson. He is asked” You are “the minister” who refused to cooperate with the FBI because you suspected their agents on mission in Iceland were trying to frame Julian Assange. Do you confirm this?”

And this is his reply:

“Yes. What happened was that in June 2011, US authorities made some approaches to us indicating they had knowledge of hackers wanting to destroy software systems in Iceland. I was a minister at the time. They offered help. I was suspicious, well aware that a helping hand might easily become a manipulating hand!


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