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By the SRSrocco Report,

To all the precious metals, resource and alternative media followers and investors…. something BIG is about to change in our community.  This change will have a very powerful and positive impact on the Alternative Media Community, while at the same time, disrupting the control by the mainstream media.

So what is this BIG CHANGE?  Let me say it in just three words…. CDX IS COMING.

Before I explain what the CDX is, let me share with you some information about the SRSrocco Report site and the alternative media community’s challenge in trying to get the message out to the public.  Before the internet, the mainstream media controlled most of all the television, newspaper and advertising information that reached the public.  However, when the internet started to grow and digital media became the new thing, the old media of newspapers, magazines and TV news started to wither and die.  Thus, the new digital internet gave the alternative media a chance to finally get its message out.

Unfortunately, the entities that controlled the “old news” moved into the internet and now control the “digital news.”  This has made it very difficult for individuals such as myself to get the alternative message out to the public.  Which means, the alternative media is still fighting the same battle in the digital internet world.

Alternative Media Bloggers, Analysts and Content Creators Getting Financially Hurt

Now… to make matters even worse, bloggers, analysts and content creators in the alternative media, who have been making money by putting ads on their sites utilizing one of the largest ad networks in the world, have seen their monthly ad income decline or plummet in many instances.  This has been mainly focused in the large video producing market, but is also impacting alternative websites as well.

Unfortunately, there are no real viable alternatives to the largest ad network in the world…. so we continue to try other ways to make up for falling ad revenues.  Some sites try other ways to bring in additional funds they lost from declining ad revenue, while others simply cut back on publishing content and articles.  Unfortunately some websites, just wither and die.

Now, some readers may believe this is a Grand Conspiracy by the Elite to suppress the alternative media message (probably true to some degree), but it just may be due to plain ole business.  Many advertisers don’t want their ads placed on alternative sites because they either have a major difference of opinion or that they don’t believe their ads would do well there.  So, by reducing a percentage of advertisers to the alternative media bloggers, analysts and content creators, it CUTS THEIR INCOME considerably.

THE SOLUTION:  CDX Will Revolutionize The Alternative Media

CDX is Coming

Okay.. now that some of you are interested or curious in what a CDX is, I will explain.  It is a crypto-currency (token) called the CDX Token that will totally REVOLUTIONIZE the alternative community.  It is a new Ad Network that will be outside and separate from the largest ad network in the world, which will greatly benefit all aspects of the alternative community. 

Simply put… the Commodity Ad Network will provide content creator websites that join, 2-3 times more ad revenue than they are receiving from the largest ad network in the world and advertisers that join will get a much bigger bang for their buck.

I sat down with Peter and he explained the CDX Token and the new Revolutionary Commodity Ad Network in the interview below.  I would appreciate my followers and readers to really consider listening to the interview.  Your understanding of the alternative media community’s negative predicament with the current large ad network and our solution could really help us all get the message out:


If anyone would like more information on the Commodity Ad Network, or would like to forward it to someone who they believe would benefit, they can click on the link below or send an email to one of the following contacts:



CDX ICO:  Takes Place August 26th, 2 pm London time.

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