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Which College Offers The “Best Bang” For Your Tuition Buck? / by Tyler Durden / Aug 16, 2017

Is making the investment in a college education still worth it? How much debt can you expect to have after you graduate, and how much money will you make in your career?

As details, crunched the numbers from the top twenty public and top twenty private schools in the country and created a visualization to find out. The data was extracted from the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. News & World Report.

We ranked each school according to the median salary someone can expect to earn ten years after enrolling. We then looked at the median student debt graduates typically carry. Focusing on median debt and median earnings makes a lot of sense – half of all students fall above these numbers, and half fall below. We then color-coded each school in a floating bar chart, making the private schools blue and the public schools yellow.

Several things immediately jump out of this visualization.

First off, private schools dominate the top half of the list while public schools by and large fall to the bottom. Graduates from private universities simply earn more money, which suggests that attending a private school pays off in the long run.


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