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A Mega-Bullish Catalyst For The Silver Market / October 05, 2017 

As we near the end of the first week of trading in October, here is a look at a mega-bullish catalyst for the silver market.

Here comes the Sun Car?
By Gerald Celente, Publisher of Trends Research
October 5 (King World News) – German start-up Sono Motors has crowd-funded $200,000 to build prototypes of its snub-nose four-door Sion, a car sporting solar panels on its body, roof and rear bumper. It’s capable of going 18 miles a day on sun power alone…

This is the latest in a worldwide gaggle of high-tech investments and experiments promising to power your car with an energy source other than fossil fuels. 

Electric and other new or clean-energy vehicles, along with driverless cars, are generating a lot of press in the automaking world. While ambitions are big, battery or solar technology as vehicles’ sole energy source is proving quite limited. 


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