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The Key Things To Look For In Today’s FOMC Minutes / by Tyler Durden / Oct 11, 2017 12:58 PM

Looking at today’s scheduled release of Minutes from the September FOMC meeting (which at least according to one trader will be the “start of the market changeover process“), RanSquawk reminds us that the Federal Open Market Committee stood pat at the meeting, as expected. The Committee also announced that it would begin to shrink the size of its balance sheet in October, as expected, with the process falling in line with a previously disclosed detailed plan. Additionally, the summary of economic projections saw the FOMC trim its “longer run” Federal Funds target rate expectations, while the nearer-term core PCE projections were also trimmed, and GDP estimates were raised.

With that in mind, here is what Wall Street expects from the minutes to be released at 2pm ET today, courtesy of RanSquawk.

RBC suggests that the “debate surrounding the drop back in core inflation this year was particularly lively. The bounce-back in CPI inflation appears to have convinced the centrists that the earlier weakness was partly due to transitory factors, whereas the doves are still worried about potential structural factors or lingering cyclical slack.”  This was reflected by the fact that 12 of 16 officials that submitted projections still anticipated at least one more rate hike this year.

In the press conference that followed the decision Fed Chair Janet Yellen noted that “low inflation this year, despite a substantial improvement in labour market conditions, created uncertainty for monetary policymakers.” Although she did note that low inflation may be “transitory” and as a result it does not negate the need for gradual policy tightening.


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